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9 Plot Points You Must Understand  to Write a Page-Turning Story

Ever read a story and find that parts of it lose you?

Perhaps it's too slow. Perhaps it sags in the middle,

or parts of it seem boring.


Maybe you don't know what the problem is. Only

that, while you liked parts of it, such as the

characters or the premise, the book simply could

not hold your attention.

I can tell you exactly why this happens. It's because the author didn't know and hit all the essential plot points to keep the story moving. So the book became boring, or dragged at parts.

Want to keep this from happening to you?


I can teach you the 9 Essential Plot points you need to write into every story to keep your readers turning pages, salivating for more, and always coming back to YOUR books.


Take your stories from "just okay" to "STELLAR!" And never worry about boring your readers again! Just put your information below to get your free PDF!


Listen to the FREE podcast below to learn these how to exponentially improve your fiction writing by learning these 9 plot points!

Click the link below it to download your FREE PDF!

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