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Need Some Feedback on Your Fiction? 3 Essential Qualities to Look for in a Writer's Critique Group

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

How many of you have a critique group? I kid you not, finding an amazing critique group early in my writing journey is probably the single biggest thing that helped me grow as a writer and morph from an amateur writer to a "good" writer in record time.

In today's episode, I have a treat for you. I talk about the three essential qualities that make a stellar critique group and then give you a peek into my own weekly writing group. With their permission, I recorded one of our sessions so you can hear the kinds of things we talk about and critique for one another, and the dynamic that flows through our group.

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Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Come find out what to look for in a critique group, get tips on how to find one, and listen in over my shoulder to my own critique group so you can learn to how conduct your own and become a pro writer in a fraction of the time!

Have you had a chance to join my FREE Facebook community? Come join us for fun discussions, great author support, and valuable resources. PSST! You never know. You may find some critique partners in here.

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