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Gutting Your Story and Rebuilding from the Ground Up

Ever wonder if it's worth it to go back to an early story you wrote--whether as a child, or just at the beginning of your writing journey--and re-write or re-vamp it.

I have some experience with this because my first series (trilogy), Kremlins, was one I did this with. I knew I didn't yet have the skill I needed to make this story great, so every time I learned something new, I went back and re-edited the story to reflect what I'd learned. Eventually it because what it is today, a top-selling historical romance trilogy with excellent reviews.

George Sirois, international best-selling author, has a similar story and lots of great insights into this unique aspect of the author journey. So whether you've published ten books, one book, or are still working up to it, you'll find some great information in this interview. Give it a listen below!

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