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No Idea How to Market? What to Do 1 Year Before Your Book is Published with Mallary Price

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Are you still months or perhaps a full year away from publishing your book? Working on it, and knowing you should market, but no idea how when the publication date is still so far away?

In today's live coaching, I talk to Mallary Price about that exact situation. I give her tips and strategies for how to market her book NOW, and all the way up until she publishes it, so that once she does, she'll already have an audience ready and waiting to buy.

In the episode, we discuss growing your email list (both how and what to send), social media tips, and tool and resources that might be helpful to any author in Mallory's point of the author journey.

Give the episode a listen below. Then comment what your biggest takeaway was!


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