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Subplots Bloating Your Story? How to Write Them So They Balance and Enhance Your Narrative

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Having trouble with your subplots? Do they feel like they might be bloating your story, or taking up too much space in the manuscript? It's a common problem for writers, but one with a specific and relatively easy fix. In this video, I talk about:

1) Why the problem is NOT having too many characters or subplots

2) What the trick is to writing subplots that compliment, rather than complicate

3) When you SHOULD eliminate subplots (it's not as often as you'd think)

4) Examples of different kinds of subplots and how they relate to the main one

5) Action steps for fixing your subplots so they serve your main plot and round out your story beautifully.

Give this episode a listen and tell me in the comments what you plan to do to fix your subplots!

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