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Psychopathic vs Sociopathic Villains: Similarities, Differences, and How to Write Them Realistically

Okay, so you have this great story in mind. And for it, you need an evil villain. He or she has to be dark, manipulative, oh-so-hated by your reader. They’re going to do despicable things—the villain, not the readers. This villain is going to be the ultimate psychopath. Or sociopath.

The problem is that you really have no idea how to actually write a psychopath. Or a sociopath. I mean, what’s the difference? IS there a difference? How do you write a psychopath or sociopath accurately, and how do you convey their traits to your reader without getting too into the weeds of realism? What’s the balance between realism and fictional villains here?

In this video, I guide you through what makes a sociopath different from a psychopath, and how to use these traits to write different, highly accurate villains for your fiction stories!

Give it a watch and then tell me how you flesh out your villains in the comments!


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