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Platonic Character Relationships Falling Flat? 10 Steps to Making Them Unforgettable

In the writing space, there is SOOO much emphasis on romantic relationships. And rightly so. Those are important. But so are the platonic ones. As an author, you should be putting as much thought, care, and planning into developing platonic character relationships as you do the romantic ones. In this episode, I give you 10 steps to make sure they're well-fleshed-out. They include:

1. Start with well rounded individual characters.

2. Figure out the function of the relationship in the story; the "why."

3. Give the characters something to bond over.

4. Deepen the relationship by letting them get to know and appreciate one another.

5. Give the relationship something that is unique to them.

6. Put the relationship into stressful situations.

7. Make the relationship change throughout the story.

8. Give the relationship a theme and epiphany moment.

9. Show realistic interactions in everyday situations.

10. Show the characters showing loyalty to one another.

Give this episode a watch and tell me if there's anything I missed!


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