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Fiction Book Launch a Flop? Why “Just Write Another Book” is Terrible Advice and What to Do Instead

Updated: Jan 9

What happens if your fiction book launch is a flop? Things like, "just focus on your next book" and "the best way to market your first book is to write your second" are commonly given pieces of advice in the fiction author space, and they always make me cringe. In this episode, I discuss:

Against a blue and orange background, a dark skinned man in a white t-shirt and a white-skinnewoman in a blouse and jeans both hold their hands up, palms forward, as if saying no to something. Both of them look vaguely disgusted. To their left, white and yellow words read, "Fiction book launch a flop? Why "just write another book" is terrible advice and what to do instead." Above them, a blue oval has yellow text that reads, "Fiction Author Business School."

1. Why this is terrible advice

2. Why people suggest it

3. Why you shouldn't follow it

4. What you should do instead

So, check out this episode and tell me in the comments what you think about this commonly given advice.

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