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Overwhelmed Trying to Master Your Fiction Business? The 7 Components of Fiction Business Success

Are you overwhelmed with everything you "have" to do to find success with your fiction? In today's episode, I am breaking down the entire process into 7 steps so that you can get a bird's-eye view of the entire thing from beginning to end. This will help you plan for the new year! In this episode, I discuss:

Against a orange and blue background, a man in a white shirt and tie runs the back of his hand over his forehead in relief. A red number 7 hovers above his left shoulder. To his right, in white and yellow text, it reads, "Overwhelmed trying to master your fiction business? The 7 components of fiction business success."

1) How the ever-changing fiction space is both helping and hindering us

2) Why it's important to learn EVERY step of the process; not just the writing part.

3) The 7 key components of success at a fiction business, and how to master them.

4) And more!

So check out this episode and tell me in the comments which step in the process you need the most help with!

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