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Need a Power Hour Story Craft Coaching Session?


Award-winning Author, Podcaster, and Story Craft Coach, Liesel K. Hill


The Story Savant : The Story Craft Podcast for Authors

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"I want to write my story, but I don't know where I'm going with it! Help!"


Finally, a clear solution!


Hi! I'm Liesel K. Hill, an award-winning novelist who writes across 3 different genres.


Book a Story Clarity Coaching call with me, and I'll help you get clarity on your story, identify and strengthen weak spots in the plot, and be a sounding board for your ideas and how you can incorporate them.


You'll be amazed at how getting even a little bit of clarity on your story makes it both endlessly satisfying and pleasantly unique to your readers.

Not to mention, it helps you get it written, and FAST!


Spots are limited and booked out far in advance, so act now!


Fill out the form below with your email and write "Power Hour Coaching Session" in the subject line. We'll get back to you in a day or two.

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"I've written two books and I have a degree in creative writing, and in just one hour with Liesel, I learned useful storytelling tools I'd never even heard before.

Liesel helped me get more acquainted with my characters and solve several problems I was having with my new novel. After the call, I was able to outline the rest of my book and I feel confident to move forward!" --Author McKella Sawyer

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