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There are a great number of components to fantastic novel, but none are so important as the villain. I want to show you how to properly craft your villain so you never write a mediocre novel again.

  • Learn what traits your villain must possess to be memorable to your reader.

  • Find out what functions your villain must fulfill to create an engaging story.

  • Peak behind the curtain at how master storytellers entangle their heroes and villains to make the reader sit up and take notice.

In Case You Don't Know About Me...

Hi! I'm Liesel, award-winning author of nearly 20 novels and founder of the Prolific Author System.

I've always been the reader who's more intrigued with the villain than with the hero. 

The number one mistake I see authors make is not crafting their villain correctly. If the villain functions only as a flat scapegoat, that's a problem.


You must flesh out your villains and, even more importantly, UTILIZE them effectively in  your stories. 

Grab the PDF, and I'll show you how!

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