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Short Bio:

Liesel K. Hill is an award-winning author who writes across three genres. Her crime fiction is written under her initials, L.K. Hill. She writes scifi and fantasy, including dystopian, under her full name, Liesel K. Hill. Her historical romance is written under the pen name K.L. Conger.

She’s a writer, blogger, entrepreneur and recently turned podcaster. Her blog and podcast, both titled Musings on Fantasia, as well as her books can be accessed through her website,

The Long Version:

I’m an award-winning author, including a multi-time recipient of the prestigious League of Utah Writers’ Silver Quill Award.

I’ve written more than a dozen books and am an independent author and authorpreneur.

I’m also a public speaker and podcaster. My podcast, Musings on Fantasia, focuses on using stories of all kinds to instill Christian values and create sympathy, kindness, and greater humanity in the audience.

I’m based in Northern Utah. I come from a large, tight-knit family and this comes through in my writing, as I often write “ensemble” casts of characters. Because I grew up with a full house, I’m more used to having a lot of people around than not.

I love traveling, music, and cooking. I follow a paleo lifestyle and am both a walking and yoga enthusiast.

I used to run an in-home daycare and still often watch my nieces and nephews during the day, though I have no children of my own. Not only does this give me time to write, but I’m a home body and prefer to spend my days presiding over a household, rather than at a 9 to 5 job.

I have an English degree (B.S.) from Weber State University, where I first understood my calling to write and came into my true self.

My Journey:

I always dreamed of writing books, but for some reason, I assumed it would be on the side of some other profession. Looking back on that assumption now, I realize how ridiculous it was. Especially given that I once had aspirations for medical school. No way I could have pulled off both at once.

I’ve since learned that I’m far from the only one who’s thought about writing that way. Many people do write on the side and keep a day job. And even many of those who are full time never thought they would or could be.

I attended Weber State University after high school on academic scholarship. I took several semesters of pre-med and was completely miserable the entire time. I should have come around to the realization that it wasn’t for me much earlier, but my stubbornness made me keep at it far longer than I should have. While I sat in microbiology classes, I daydreamed of stories I wanted to write.

When I finally admitted to myself that pre-med wasn’t my thing, I came around quickly to writing. It was something I’d always done and enjoyed, which made it the obvious choice. I changed my major to English with a History minor (I always knew I’d write Historical Fiction) and the rest is--wait for it--history!

My entire outlook changed when I started pursuing writing. I felt happier, more grounded, and far more connected to what I was studying. I’ve never looked back.


My first fiction book, Persistence of Vision, a dystopian romance and the first book of the Interchron series, was picked up by Tate Publishing in 2012. Shortly thereafter, Jolly Fish Press picked up my Historical Fiction trilogy, Kremlins, as well as my first crime fiction, The Botanist.


Both publishers were small, traditional presses. While I had good experiences with them and enjoyed what they offered, I soon came to realize I could do better selling my books on my own. I left Tate only a few months before they became involved in a huge lawsuit, which thankfully I had no part of. And Jolly Fish Press closed its doors only months later.

I secured the rights to all my books and have been fully independent ever since.

I write my mystery and crime fiction under my initials, L.K. Hill. This includes my 5-book series, Street Games, and my stand-alone Cody Oliver mystery, The Botanist. I intend to write an entire series of Cody Oliver Books, but that project is slated for 2021/22. I’m someone who’s always been fascinated by serial killers and criminal psychology, so that’s what my crime fiction revolves around.

My scifi and fantasy are written under my full name, Liesel K. Hill. This includes my 6-book Interchron series, all volumes of which will be available by summer 2020.

I’m currently working on my first foray into high fantasy as well: a long, epic-fantasy series called Dragon Magic. It’s about—you guessed it!—dragons! The prequel short story, The Hatching, is available on Amazon or can be read for free in exchange for joining my email list. I plan to begin rapid-releasing the rest of the series in the latter half of 2020.

My historical fiction and romance is written under the pen name K.L. Conger. I simply transposed my first and middle initials, and used my mother’s maiden name. Just paying homage to the Conger side of the family.

My Kremlins trilogy, a love story based in medieval Russia during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, came directly from my history minor. I also have the first book in what will be a historical romance series based around the true history of the Knights Templar, which is a hot subject right now. Book 1, Templar’s Light, debuted in 2019. The rest of the series will continue in 2021.

I read in almost every genre. My favorite authors include Stephen King, Mary-Higgins Clark, many classic authors (think Charles Dickens, Joseph Conrad, and the unconquerable Shakespeare) as well as classic fantasy authors like Tolkien, Lewis, and Robert Jordan.


The Wheel of Time is perhaps my favorite series of all time. I’m very excited to see how Amazon translates it onto the screen. It’s probably the biggest reason it took me so long to foray into my favorite genre, high fantasy. That series is so epic, and I had it up on a high pedestal.

I’m also a TWD (The Walking Dead) junkie. I’ve been over-analyzing the symbolism in that show for years!

I’m single and live in Utah with various family members. My life consists of watching my nieces and nephews, writing, cooking, and creating content.

Visit my podcast and Youtube Channel to get to know me better.

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