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My Story

Hi there! I’m Liesel!

I write stories for people who need compelling, exciting, passionate stories to help them escape from real life for a time.

People say my stories provide emotional experiences that help them return to real life with courage and passion.

I write dystopian science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and crime & mystery. I’m also a two-time winner of the League of Utah Writers’ prestigious Silver Quill Award.

When I’m not writing or speaking to a crowd, you can find me hanging out with my siblings (who happen to be my best friends), baking, playing with my nieces and nephews, talking to online peeps, watching The Walking Dead, traveling, or just chilling with Netflix.

Curious to know more?

Here are ten fun facts about me:

1. I have deformed pinkies. My dad likes to say that I slammed one of them in a car door and broke it, deforming it. I wanted to make them look the same, so I purposely broke the other one. It’s kinda true. Just kidding! It’s actually a trait of Cherokee blood. I was born that way. Don’t even know how much Cherokee my blood carries, but enough to deform my pinkie fingers, apparently.

2. I’m a Christian who believes in the very real power of God and good people to influence their own lives and the lives of others for good. Maybe that sounds cheesy, but my favorite stories are about how real people push through REALLY dark times (zombies anyone?) and the emotional catharsis that comes with it.

3. I’m a total TWD Geek! (That’s The Walking Dead). Like, TOTAL Geek. Think of the geekiest fangirl you can imagine and multiple it by a billion. Then maybe you’ll have me. I’ve been watching it since season 1. I have a fangirl blog where I interpret symbolism and try to predict where the storylines are going based on it. I promise I have the most out-there theories in the fandom. (I used to obsess about Supernatural, too, but not as hard.)

4. I love to bake. I put myself through college by working in a deli in the office of the Flying J Corporate building in Ogden, Utah. (Oh the glamour!) Now I watch The Great British Baking Show and try to make what they make. Of course they always turn out perfect. How dare you suggest otherwise. And no, I don’t have any pictures.​


5. Other cool genes I have? You know how in Braveheart they fight a huge, gnarly battle at a place called Falkirk? My great, great, great, great, great grandmother’s last name was Kirk, and she was from Scotland. Yeah, my ancestors owned the land that battle was fought on. Muah-hah-hah!

6. I’m the second of 12 kids. No multiple births and all from the same two parents. While I don’t have any little ones of my own yet, I watch my niece and nephew (5 and 2 yrs old) daily and have been taking care of kids in some form or another since before I hit my teens.


7. ​​I’ve been to Roswell, New Mexico. It was weird. Actually, I thought it was super cool and super fun! It’s really touristy and the streetlights have eyes on them so they look like aliens. Totally want to go back. Oh, and by the way, the Roswell TV shows really don’t get it right. It’s not a bump-in-the-road town. It’s a thriving city complete with Walmarts and Gaps and Starbucks.

8. I once burned someone’s house down…with a prayer. Sort of. Several years ago, my niece (who was 2 at the time) was scheduled to spend time with her father. It was a court-ordered visitation, but the family was afraid she was going into an unsafe environment. Her mom, myself, and one of my other sisters prayed together that God would just do whatever was necessary to protect our sweet little girl. The next day, her dad’s house burnt down, and she never went to visit him. I guess good women protecting their children have some power, huh? Just saying.

9. I like Apple. I know half of you who are Android enthusiasts are now ready to write me off. But just know that I still love you. I just prefer apple. I forgive you for liking Android. Nobody’s perfect. 😉

10. I like true crime and sometimes write about serial killers. I often get the what’s-a-nice-Christian-girl-like-you-doing-writing-about-serial-killers line. I could give you a whole thesis about the reason behind that. And it’s not even mine. Michaelbrent Collins wrote it. The short of it is that the darker the circumstances, the more profound the redemption. So, Christians tend to have a thing for horror. What can I say? I’m a cliché and proud.




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