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Me and Author Johnny Worthen

at a Barnes & Noble book signing.

Hello Authors and Aspiring Authors! 

My name is Liesel. I write under 3 pen names and have been an author for more than a decade, now! I offer a variety of services for authors.

If this is your first time on my site, the best thing you can do to get to know me and what I offer is to listen to my podcast, which is geared toward story craft advice. Click the button below to listen, or check out other services I offer below! 

Story Clarity Coaching

I do 1:1 Story Clarity Coaching to help you turn your so-so manuscript into a page-turner. We can do a 1 hour session or we have other, larger packages. Please contact us using the button below.

The Prolific Author

The Prolific Author System, my proprietary course for teaching authors and aspiring authors how to write novels with best-seller potential rapidly and efficiently, thereby building their backlist and achieving their career author dreams in less time than they think possible, is now available. 

Get a free taste of what's in the course by registering for my free training below. 

The #1 thing that holds aspiring career authors back is not having a daily writing habit in place. Want to develop one?

My free training, Cultivate a Daily Writing Habit in Only 30 Days will get you there, positioning you for life-long success as a novelist or  or other writing professional. Click the button below to take the training.

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