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Award-winning Author, Podcaster, and Story Clarity Coach! 

You dream of being a prolific, widely-read and highly-selling fiction author, but it feels like a dream that's out of reach.

You have plenty of story ideas, but don't know how to transform them into publishable manuscripts that readers will salivate for, how to connect with those readers, or how to reach them. 

There's so much information out there. What's working now? What's outdated? What should you be doing or not doing? You just need a step by step, rinse and repeat formula to get you from wherever you are now to a published, working, money-making author.

Hi, I'm Liesel. I've been writing and selling novels for more than a decade.

I help authors streamline their process, uplevel their writing, connect deeply with readers, and master their marketing through my 3-tiered Prolific Author System.

I'll help you get CLARITY on your writing process, your story, and your marketing, so that you can create the process that's perfect for YOU, and that will help you achieve your novel-writing dreams.


"In just one hour I learned useful storytelling tools I'd never even heard before. Liesel helped me get more acquainted with my characters and solve several problems I'd been having with my new novel.

After just one hour with Liesel, I feel confident to move forward!


-- Author McKella Sawyer

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Private Story Clarity Coaching

What does that look like? It means me and you, 1:1 on Zoom, digging into every aspect of your story. I'll guide you through everything you need to include to ensure your book strikes deep cords with readers and create a mega fanbase for your work. Or, creating a daily writing habit that will sustain you throughout your author career. Or, homing in on your marketing to get your book in front of the right audience who is ALREADY searching for it. Coaching is all about what YOU need to become a successful, prolific author.

You can choose from Story Clarity Coaching, Word Coaching, or Marketing Mentorship programs, ranging from my popular Power Hour Session to advanced Author Career Coaching.

You can get weekly or monthly coaching sessions with me, accountability (which is SO key to success) and most packages include other training videos and digital resources for reference points.

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Liesel believes anybody, absolutely ANYBODY can get to the point where they're living solely off their fiction-writing royalties. 

By working with her, you can gain clarity over your story, your writing process, and  your marketing, for a long, joyful and abundant author career.

You can transform yourself from wherever you are now into a talented, successful and Prolific Author.

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