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TWD Music Box Mystery

This has nothing to do with my own writing, but I might as well add it to my author site because I have a relatively large presence in the online world of The Walking Dead.

Yup, that's right. The TV show. I'm a self-professed TWD junkie! I consider myself a megafan. I watch and WAY over-analyze each episode religiously!

If you are a TWD fan and want to follow my fan accounts, they icons below will take you to them. 

I will warn you that I'm a member of Team Delusional or TD. We're a very specific corner of the fandom with very specific beliefs. Going to any of my accounts below will give you plenty of explanation.

(I mostly cross-post the same stuff on all the different social networks, so you don't have to follow all of them unless you want to. Just pick your favorite and go with that!)

You don't have to believe my wacky theories to enjoy my accounts, though. I post all kinds of stuff I find and love. Especially the hysterical memes this oh-so-creative fandom comes up with. Mostly I just love to e nerdy and overanalyze symbolism and try to guess where the story might be going. If you're into that sort of thing, you'd probably like what I post. I'd love to geek out with you and talk TWD!

TWDMusicBoxMystery Accounts:

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