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Eat, Pray, Dragon - Fiction Manuscript Audit for Author G. Clatworthy

In this episode, I conduct a Fiction Manuscript Audit for Author G. Clatworthy on her book, Eat, Pray, Dragons. We discuss:

Against a blue and orange background, a book cover sits on the right side of the picture. It shows a young woman with purple hair and a red dress, holding a blue book under one arm. A dragon flies in front of the moon behind her. To the left of the book cover, yellow text reads, "Eat, Pray, Dragons. Manuscript audit with Author G. Clatworthy." Above that, a blue oval containsn yellow text that reads, "Fiction author business school."

1) The 10 Plot Points in her manuscript

2) The weak points

3) How she can make the villain more prominent

4) How to bring out the turning point

5) And more!

Give this episode a listen and tell me in the comments what your biggest takeaway was!

Remember, there will always be a market for awesome storytelling. Happy writing!

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