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Take Control of Your Author Business: How Self-Publishing Promotes Confidence, Grit, and Freedom

Why am I such an advocate for self-publishing? I could give you a very long ramble to explain.


You could just listen to today's interview with Dr. Ashley Wellman. Everything she says here, the experiences she relates, and the empowerment self-publishing has given her are all the reasons I advocate so strongly for it.

This is a phenomenal interview, full of wisdom, experience, and truth bombs galore! Among other things, we talk about how you can't separate yourself from your writing, so you shouldn't even try, the normalcy of having doubts, how you can't fail unless you quite, how perfection in writing isn't attainable, but high quality and pride is, and much more!

So give this interview a listen and then tell me either here or in the Facebook group what inspired you the most!

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