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Want Your Audience to Gasp When You Reveal Your Villain? 5 Ways to Hide Your Villain in Plain Sight

In this episode, I talk about how to do an effective "reveal" of your true villain at the end of your story. Many authors think the way to create a stellar plot twist is by keeping everything back until the big reveal, but nothing could be worse. There need to be clues and breadcrumbs along the way, and a great way to accomplish the misdirection, foreshadowing, and ultimate reveal, is to hide your villain in plain sight. I discuss:

1) Making your villain funny or enjoyable

2) Making your villain an idiot

3) Making your villain appear physically weak

4) Making your villain attractive

5) Having your villain assist the hero or heroine in some way

Give this episode a listen and tell me in the comments if you have any special tricks for hiding your villain in plain sight.


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