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Want to Achieve More? 3 Ways to Use Abundance and Gratitude to Manifest Your Perfect Fiction Career

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

This episode will drop on Thanksgiving, so Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates it. Yes, that is turkey you smell cooking in my background. Just kidding. 😉 Not about the turkey, though.

So, originally, I was going to do some thoughts about gratitude, but I've done that before (check out episode 141 and 64, links below). Today, I wanted to tie it in with abundance, and how to use gratitude and abundance in your writing, to manifest your perfect fiction author career. In other words, the exact fiction author that YOU desire. In this episode, I discuss:

Woman with eyes closed and hands over her heart, practicing gratitude. Orange and blue background. Words beside her read, "Want to Achieve More? 3 Ways to Use abundance and gratitude to manifest your perfect fiction career." A blue oval above her reads, "Fiction Author Business School."
  1. The definition of gratitude, and how we can apply it.

  2. The definition of abundance, and how we can apply it.

  3. How we see these things in scripture.

  4. 3 ways you can practice abundance in your writing

So, give this episode a listen and tell me how you practice gratitude and abundance in your life and writing career!

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