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Want to Write and Market Your Fiction? Principles for Fiction Business Success in 2024

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

I went to a business/entrepreneurial conference over the past week and had SO many insights and breakthroughs. I can't wait to put many of them into practice and serve you all better in 2024. In this episode, I discuss:

Against an orange and blue background, two hands hold black rocks in their palms. Three of them say, "wealth," "growth," and "success." On the left, white and yellow text reads, "Want to write and market your fiction? Principles for fiction business success in 2024."

1. How to best succeed as a fiction author in 2024

2. How basic principles of online business are not often taught in the fiction author space.

3. Two new programs I'll be putting out in the new year to help you write and market your fiction, and get you to your fiction author goals.

So give this episode a watch and, if you have any questions about either program, put them in the comments. I'd be happy to answer them!

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5 Steps to Planning the Beginning, Middle, and End of Your Fiction Story:  

7 Ways to Sell Your Book Every Month Without Breaking the Bank:  

10 Plot-Thickening Events that Every Fiction Best Seller Includes:  


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