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Got Publishing Fear? 3 Steps to Effective Fiction Marketing and Why Most Authors are Doing It Wrong

Many fiction authors find marketing difficult. There is so much noise in our space that it's difficult to figure out what will and won't work. And most of us don't have much time or money when we're starting out.

The problem is that foundational marketing principles are often not taught in the fiction author space. My mission is to fix that. There are 3 steps to effectively marketing fiction that must be mastered if you want to build a sustainable author business.

Against a blue and orange background, a blond woman holds up her hands, looking scared. To her left, white and yellow text reads, "Got Publishing Fear? 3 Steps to Effective Marketing and Why Most Authors are Doing it Wrong."

1) Creating a quality product (book)

2) Attracting the right audience of readers

3) Converting those readers into BUYERS

Until you master all three steps, you're going to have a hard time building a sustainable fiction author business.

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