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Worried There's Too Much Competition to Make Money on Amazon These Days? There's Not! Here's Why:

Updated: Jan 11

Ever wonder if it's even possible to make a living at fiction writing anymore? Maybe here's too much competition to make money on Amazon these days? I promise you it is, but it's a legitimate question, and it brings up some interesting issues that every author should consider before pursuing a fiction business. In this episode, I talk about how:

Against an orange and blue background, a woman holds her finger against her lips, thinking. To her right is a white thought bubble with a question mark in it. To her left, in white and yellow font, are the words, "Worried There's too much competition to make money on Amazon these days? There's not! Here's why:" Above her, a blue oval has yellow writing that says, "Fiction Author Business School."
  1. Other people's success has nothing to do with you.

  2. When other authors don't make money, it's not because of the competition. It's because of something else.

  3. Why having more competition on Amazon is a good thing.

  4. And more!

Check out this episode and give me your thoughts in the comments!


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