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Ever Get Blocked as to Events in Your Story? What Writer's Block Truly is and How to Battle It

What is writer's block, truly? Where does it come from and what causes it. It's probably not what you think. In this episode, I discuss:

A white, spiral notebook lays against a blue and orange background. It has two question marks written on the visible page and two pencils laying on top of it. To it's left, white and yellow text says, "Ever get blacked as to events in your story? What writer's block truly is and how to battle it." Above the notebook and the words is a blue oval. Yellow text inside reads,"Fiction author business school."

1) What writer's block really is (what most people define it as is an old wives' tale)

2) What writer's block ISN'T

3) How to work through it

4) How to never get stuck again

Check out this video and tell me in the comments what your biggest struggles with writer's block are.


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