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Worried Your Scenes are Boring to Your Readers? 5 Questions to Write Fantastic Fiction Scenes

Updated: Feb 22

Know what events need to go in your scenes, but worried they're coming across as boring. You need to be intentional about how you structure your scenes, and then you'll never have this problem. In this episode, I discuss:

A white circle sits against a blue and orange background. Insdie the circle a book lays open with images coming out of it. There are people, trees, thought bubbles with images, a house, etc. To the left of the white circle, white and yellow text reads, "Worried your scenes are boring to your readers? 5 questions to write fantastic fiction scenes." Above the white circle and the text, a blue oval reads, "Fiction Author Business School."

1) Why you need to be intentional about what you put in your scenes

2) What needs to go into them so you don't lose your reader

3) 5 questions you can ask yourself to make sure your scenes are fantastic

Check out this episode on how to write fantastic fiction scenes, and then tell me in the comments which of the 5 questions I pose is your favorite!


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