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Unsure if Your Side Character is Actually a Sidekick? 5 Attributes and Functions of Kickass Sidekicks

In the vast realm of fiction writing, the protagonist often takes center stage, basking in the spotlight of their journey and transformation. Yet, beside every great protagonist stands a kickass sidekick character, whose presence is not only pivotal but also enriching to the narrative. In this exploration, we delve into the intricacies of sidekick characters, dissecting their attributes, functions, and significance in fictional storytelling. The attributes and functions of kickass sidekicks may surprise you.

Attributes and Functions for Kickass Sidekicks:


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  1. Individual Development: Sidekick characters possess their own development, including backstory, wounds, voice, and style. Their uniqueness adds depth to the narrative and enhances reader engagement.

  2. Comfort in Following: While not devoid of agency, sidekicks are more comfortable following than leading, aligning their role with support and assistance rather than dominance.

  3. Flaws and Imperfections: Imperfections humanize sidekick characters, allowing readers to empathize with their struggles and growth, even without delving into their inner thoughts.

  4. Complementary Skills: Sidekicks excel in certain areas where the protagonist may falter, creating a symbiotic relationship that highlights their compatibility and teamwork.

  5. Alignment with Themes: Sidekicks resonate with the overarching themes of the story, whether by directly mirroring the protagonist's journey, offering contrasting perspectives, or embodying cautionary tales.


  1. Demonstrating Loyalty: Sidekicks exhibit unwavering loyalty to the main character, whether protagonist or antagonist, earning trust and serving as steadfast allies.

  2. Complementing the Main Character: Sidekicks fill in the gaps where the main character may be lacking, balancing weaknesses with strengths and enhancing the overall dynamic of the duo.

  3. Active Engagement in Plot: Sidekicks play an active role in driving the plot forward, contributing to pivotal plot points and propelling the narrative with their actions.

  4. Facilitating Internal Transformation: Sidekicks aid in the main character's internal transformation, guiding them through challenges, providing support, and catalyzing pivotal moments of growth.

  5. Assisting and Accompanying the Protagonist: Sidekicks provide practical assistance, emotional support, and moral guidance to the protagonist, accompanying them throughout their journey and ensuring their success.

In the tapestry of fiction writing, sidekick characters weave threads of depth, complexity, and resonance, enriching the narrative tapestry with their unique attributes and indispensable functions. As authors, understanding the nuances of sidekick archetype enables us to craft compelling companions who not only complement the main character but also elevate the storytelling experience for readers. So, as you embark on your next writing adventure, remember the power and potential of kickass sidekicks to shape, enrich, and enliven your fictional worlds.

Remember, there will always be a market for awesome storytelling. Happy writing!

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